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Nearly two years ago I visited this primary doctor’s office. Because it was my first time, the office manager/nurse instructed me to get blood test first.
A very good sign. I liked that efficiency a lot.
Having some unpleasant experience before, I asked her clearly to check my insurance coverage for the annual check up – I was NOT going to do what was NOT covered by my insurer.
Simply enough?
Not so.
Dr. Lori Cohen was personable. Asked me why I was there, I said it’s for the annual rubber stamp – I’m healthy and haven’t visited a doctor except annual check up for a long long time. During our chat, she mentioned that it’s a new office that she and her husband just opened not too long ago.

So when I got this bill that I owe them $61.24, I was somewhat surprised – annoying might better describe my feeling. They had weeks to verify what were being covered yet they either didn’t bother to do or performed it/them anyway for more pay. Was it (were they) necessary? I honestly did not think so. I always feel everyone deserves the pay but in recent years, I found more and more doctors are piling on services that are questionable. Hey fight it out with the insurance, not us, your customers.

Looking at the visiting date to their filing with insurance adjustments, almost a month elapsed, showing how slow the process was.

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