Taking More Seats on Campus, Foreigners Also Pay the Freight

Last Friday I played tennis with 3 CW Post graduate school girls who are from China. Two are housemates, they all live on LI. They got into Post through the school agency in China. The cars they’re driving not 7-series but no beat up either. One of them said she attended language school first but quit shortly after: “20 students in my class, 18 were from China. How can I learn?” The other two chucked: they prepare/collaborate their school projects in Chinese and present them in English.

SEATTLE — This is the University of Washington’s new math: 18 percent of its freshmen come from abroad, most from China. Each pays tuition of $28,059, about three times as much as students from Washington State. And that, according to the dean of admissions, is how low-income Washingtonians — more than a quarter of the class — get a free ride.

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