It’s very different nowadays 今非昔比

Michael Chinoy’s documentary on China the week that changed the world screened at China Center this evening at 7 World Trade Center @ 250 Greenwich Street more pix on FB

It’s a wonderful documentary, also brought back many memories from that by-gone era. Did I mention that Dr. Henry Kissinger was the very first rock star in China? Long before Bill Gates and Yao Ming. As I was watching, I asked myself: where’s China’s footage of this historical week?

One of the journalists mentioned the much-talked-about hand-shaking incident with Zhou Enlai 周恩来握手. I remembered our primary school teacher said it was 赫鲁小夫 Khrushchev in Geneva. This is one version on the web:


Barbara Walter said whenever she asked for hot water for her contact lens, the hotel staff would always bring her tea.
Those anecdotes are plenty and fascinating but my 今非昔比 meant for the locale: China Center. I’ve a Taiwanese neighbor who used to have his office at the WTC. I visited it once and realized that he shared the small bare room with many others: all they had were a desk! Not sure they were the pioneers or bunkers in/from Chinatown. Guess they wanted the office address then. China Center has its own office, really.

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