This picture of my grandma was taken at her home in Zhang’s Garden (Wanzhuyuan) in Jinan 济南, date unknown. It is in mint condition. The Eastman Studio 伊士曼摄影公司 paper folder that holds the pic is very worn.

The studio’s headquarter was located at No 6, Hsiang Yuan Road 咸阳路 6 号, Taipei. Dad gave it to me few years ago. He didn’t know when it was taken. I like the Chinese translation, especially the first character Yi 伊 and its font very much.

伊士曼柯达公司(Eastman Kodak Company,NYSE:EK,简称柯达)是一间大型跨国摄影器材公司。柯达公司的前身是由发明家乔治·伊士曼和商人亨利·斯壮在1881年建立的“伊斯曼乾版公司”(Eastman Dry Plate Company)。该公司总部位于美国纽约羅徹斯特。

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