Oh my God

They’re a passionate couple who preach God whenever and wherever they can, that includes they do that in China, secretly and illegally. It’s their righteous speech that got me thinking: are they sinned and if the God was a law abided citizen? I’ve been researching the anti missionary riots since the late Qing dynasty (1860 and on) and knew a little history of what missionary had done in China, good and bad. I chuckled upon hearing them boasting how they’ve been recruiting the local leaders (you can count on one hand over one year period.. ) and convert a few underground in a rural small town. Seriously, are they really that naïve – thinking the government doesn’t know what they’re up to? In any case, I asked them why would they do it and would it be better off that they work with the government to obtain ‘legitimacy’ – you can reach more people That way?


We do it because of our Lord’s command and His calling on our lives. The government would either refuse to work with us, or at minimum limit and hinder our work. I think the government is somehow afraid of Christians and fears foreign influences on their citizens.

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