It offers 14-day free trial. As soon as I created myself, without date of birth and place of birth, I got a hint, the green leaf, indicating that there’s matching info about me available. Clicked on it, the next page showed U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2 Record. I doubt very much it’s about me. Click Review Hint I got next page: Explore the record match you just found — and much more — FREE for 14 days.
U.S. Discovery 12-month membership is $9.95 a month: Access all U.S. records on
World Explorer 12-month membership is $19.95 a month: Unlimited access to everything on

After 14 days you’ll be charged $239.40 (plus any applicable tax)

I’m wondering where that $19.95 coming from IF you’re being charge the whole sum at once? Few days after the sign up, one of the Ancestry reps called me up, to greet me, to thank me. It’s huge amount of work for the company, isn’t it? Unless they selectively call the new users? In the end, I decided not to continue.


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