Pillow talk

It’s our first stop after departing Shanghai. Suzhou is famed for its girls and silk. My Nainai was from there.

The tour guide was very likeable, neither handsome nor aggressive. Just very relaxed and a great salesman. The hotel was the only one among the four we stayed that had a swimming pool.

Our anticipation was pretty high for the following day. Silk, cotton and linen are my favored, not necessarily in that order. Just think about Qipao..

One thing the tour guide stressed was photography is strictly forbidden at the silk factory.

The first display room we entered had few beds, completely decorated in the lush and luxurious silk bedding and shams, etc. They were Armani fall collection, selling from RMB ¥24,000 to ¥44,000 (about US$3809 to $6984 at FX rate of 6.3). Sorry no photography was allowed.

The sales room was adjacent to the display room, high ceiling, vacant. I ended up bought
4 pillows at ¥490 each
Mattress cover at ¥490
4 comforters, two at ¥ and two at ¥2390

I didn’t feel a thing while in there buying. Once back on the bus, I thought to myself: what was I doing there? All those junks.
Oh, I bought a dark blue silk top too: my taste runs very similar. Not sure why did I buy something almost identical. Woman, I don’t understand her either.

But now as I’m writing this blog, I felt, why did I ever buy that cover? Does it really worth $77?

I think I was feeling a little ‘guilty’ having gone on a such cheap tour, and felt obligated to buy. There was absolutely no hard sell at all.

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