No wake

I’ve heard and even used leave something or someone in your wake, plenty times but never fully understand the word wake until today. The No Wake speed limit is 5 on the water here. It’s great to learn something new, isn’t it? Ya right Irene.

Long Island Sound to the left and the Manhasset Bay to the right. Taken with my 2MG crackberry because my camera battery was exhausted. Go figure.
Couple of Chinglish jokes on me.
A couple has been nice to give me rides often. So the last time we were out and about, I asked the husband,
“Can you take me home?” So I can drink more.
“Sure.” he replied without hesitation.
There were giggles around table.
“Your wife allows that?” One guy questioned the hubby.
I was like, hellloo, of course his wife’s ok with it.
“He takes you home or give you a ride home?” A guy was being anal.
After a second or two, I think I got it.
I was wrong. I asked him to give me a ride home.
It’s just a Chinese way to ask. Ok, I’m just kidding here.
It’s my poor English.
Today we were playing and I asked few friends if they’d like to have lunch after the game:
“Let’s go eat.”
Few of them heard, “Girl eat.”
“Eating girls? I’d love to … it’s yummy..” A guy said.
Ehhhrrrr .. my accent.

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