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I recently purchased a Nikon CoolPix S6100 because my old CoolPix S630 is on strike broken. I had no complain with my old one but the the new one: I had hard time finding the voice recording feature. So I looked, looked, and looked; and joined then joined the Nikon forum. Some one replied immediately and I was able to make the recording. (The result isn’t nearly as nice as the S630. Maybe I don’t know how to use it yet, hopefully!)

Today I got this e-mail .. this is a first that a forum measures your number of posts to extend your free membership.

Dear Irene Eng

Remember that you can earn additional days to your membership by being active in our community

You can earn more days as follows:

1 initial forum post: +4 days
Each additional forum post: +4 day
Introduce yourself in the new users forum: +2 days
Upload at least three images to your galleries: +2 days
Update your profile and include an avatar or image of yourself: +2 days
For each added and accepted friend in your user menu: +2 days

By posting in the forums, updating your profile, adding friends and uploading images in your gallery, you can extend the duration of your Basic membership indefinetely. We REALLY want you to become acquainted with the Nikonians community experience, a community which is not comparable to online forums!

You don’t need to collect days to stay active if you are on Silver or higher – Upgrade here:

Your membership is currently valid until: October 10, 2011

Your Nikonians Team

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