Re-election or erection

When I was new to this country, my rudimentary English entertained many people. someone told this joke at dinner table:
“A Chinese dignitary was visiting USA and said to the newly elected president: ‘congratulations on your erection.'”
Every one laughed. I was sitting pretty and looked puzzled dumb.

So the nice girl sitting next to me, trying to interpret:
“Irene, it’s erection.” More laugh around the table.
What’s so funny about election? I wondered.
A guy couldn’t resist. He got up and put his hand over his zipper,
“It’s erection.” For lord sake!

Anyway. That’s worldly me.

Ok, back to the story. Now Putin Once More Moves to Assume Top Job in Russia, wanted his old job back. I thought about this reelection or erection joke. Last time George Bush landed on an aircraft as President of USA, the Russian media engineered a half naked Putin with uneven boobs. I’m wondering, is Putin going to pole dance or bare his behind? Oh, wait, does he need to – Russia is a democracy state after all. Snapping his finger he’ll get the job. No opposition whatsoever.

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