“Your strength is amazing”

Once at a contact bridge game, I draw a wonderful hand: six hearts with A, K, J 10 and two low ones and a void. My eyes shone, head swell and heart mushroomed: we were going to win, BIG and easy. Being totally green and 掉以轻心, I opened the bid with four heart (which meant we needed to make at least ten tricks). I was so confident that I treated it lightly. However, the hand turned against us very quickly and needless to say, we lost it big. What’s surprising, our opponents scolded us for butchered an otherwise thrilling hand. The moral of the story is, as a newbie I was too sure for my own good.
Rachel JeantelonI think that’s what had happened at Zimmerman’s trial, that the prosecution lost a winning case. For reason unbeknown to me, I’ve been watching tv this week. First was when Anderson Cooper interviewed the Juror B37 (who spoke intelligently) that followed by Piers Morgan interviewing the star witness Rachel Jeantelon this past Monday. And now the parents plus their lawyer are being interviewed by Anderson again.
My first (and last) impression of the parents is: they’re so cool and composed. I could not even think how could I act (calmly) should I just heard a verdict of the sort. Jeantel earned my respect of how she kept her cool during her interview, even when Morgan showed her the Anderson clip when the Juror B37 said of her as ‘uneducated’ .. Rachel did look like an odd ball. IF in deed she’s under educated, then her holding was more remarkable.

I don’t know anything for sure of the trial except read in the press that Obama’s statement immediately after the fact. I still felt he should NOT have made that one. His statement back then seemed like a verdict to me. He should respect the court of the law in the country he governs, given the fact he’s a lawyer by training and profession. That sounded like a racist comment to me.

The parents’ detachment was almost chilling as if they’re talking about someone else’s kid who died. The mother used the word “obedient’ … In the end even Anderson commented that “.. Your strength is amazing…”

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