Gallery2, Piwigo, ZenPhoto

Dream Host offers three gallery applications. Star is out of 5 stars average rating.

I have no problem installing Piwigo and Zen but got stuck at Sept 1: Authenticate with Gallery: it’s an 11-step installation process. My computer skill is below average.

I got an email from the founder (on Oct 3, 2011; beside two other souls) asking to read the Piwigo 2.3 release notes to see if it needs any correction. I’m not sure he realizes that English isn’t my native tongue and I’ve far below the average computer skills. But I’m flattered and willing to help, so it makes me feel better next time when I post a question. Giver is always happier than takers. However, my ability to give in this matter is very limited.


For ZenPhoto, no need to make a sub directory: it will prompt you for one after you began 1-click installation.

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