The pediatricians!

What if I paid upon receiving their first bill which was wrong?


Update: Sept 26 2011, 7:25pm. A woman calling from a private number, with an accent, saying she’s calling from Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh’s office, asking me to pay for the outstanding balance of $34.72. She said every time we visit a doctor, it considered an ‘office visit’ and since my health insurance covers only one well care visit per year, so the Aug 19, 2010 visit goes to office visit, the deductibles. If I don’t pay this amount they’re going to put it to collection. This doctor’s office is harassing me, without doing their fair share of home work, even after I pointed to them that well care visits are unlimited.
I filed complain with BBB. Funny I input Mrs. but it came out as Mr. Nothing goes right today.


I switched to Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh office that has multiple pediatricians since 2006 only due to the over crowding of Dr. Sawicki who had been my children’s pediatrician since King was few months old. I found a male pediatrician for King and female for Pumpkin in our little town though our health insurance. I’m not picky because we don’t have any health problems, every year we just need that rubber stamp to say, we’re healthy. I’ve been using a oncologist for years as my primary care physician – I knew it’s odd but they do it and their office was only few minutes away, until they moved away.

Pumpkin’s pediatrician varied each year when we visited, depending on who’s on duty that day. Well child care is covered completely by the insurance we use, unlimited times annually. But I’ve been getting a bill of US$109.89 for 2010’s visit. I called the office few times, was told, well, I owned them that much. When I questioned a specific charge, the woman on the phone testily told me she could, in fact to shift that charge to another charge. It sounded fraudulent. Among the $109.89, one was an office visit.
“When did she have an office visit?” I was bewildered. Office visit means sick.
She gave me a date. I don’t quite remember the specific date but remembered last year, after the TB injunction on her arm, the doctor told us to come back 2 or 3 days later for a reading – if a little red bump developed. I said, in the past, we could read ourselves. But the doctor insisted that we went to her office. Since it’s close by, we did.
So the woman on the phone asked me – more of a statement, “did you go to the office on such and such day?”
I replied, “yes” it’s for the reading.
“Did the doctor see her?” the woman demanded.
“Yes.” the doctor indeed saw her a split second, to determine there wasn’t a bump developed.
“So that’s an office visit!” the woman declarer victoriously.
That’s a low balling!
I have no problem paying for services but would not pay for something that’s not right. You dragged us down to your office, just to be able to bill us as an office visit? Fat chance. Wasting my time aside.
On Aug 18, 2011, the doctor or whomever wrote on the bill, to say sorry they or she made a mistake, the amount I owe her/them is only $34.72.
Does this pitiful amount worth of my time and aggravation over the past one year???
We went back to Dr. Sawicki this year. Nothing seemed to be changed. Vivian is still there. However, the waiting time was very short; perhaps on a lucky day. What really took me in was her office had put all immunization records online. Unfortunately the pediatrician we’ve been using for the past five years didn’t or haven’t done so. The fine print on the online report warns that it’s possible that

There may be relevant events (e.g. other immunizations, adverse events, lead tests) that have not been reported to this authority.

Apparently, it’s not mandatory. And is it possible that there is more than one central database? US health care sucks, big time. Please, some one step up and fix it!

Nov 3, 2011

Dear Irene Eng :

This is in reference to your complaint against Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh. Your complaint was assigned ID 8752495 .

We are sending you this communication because we have not received a response from the business to the complaint you filed.

Please let us know whether or not the company has contacted you directly about your complaint. In order for us to accurately reflect your complaint in our records, we ask that you let us know within 5 business days whether you have heard from the company.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.


Betty Briggs

They have not.

The Metropolitan New York Better Business Bureau lists over 220 organizations and government agencies that regulate businesses and provide assistance to both consumers and companies.

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Irene Eng
7 st. george road
Great Neck , NY, 11021

Dear Irene Eng :

This is in reference to your complaint against Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh. Your complaint was assigned ID 8752495.

Your BBB has tried to present your complaint to Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh in an attempt to resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we have received no response to your complaint. We attempted to contact Dr. Marjan Tabibzadeh through written correspondence twice on your behalf, but we must now close this matter in our files. This does not minimize the importance of your concerns, nor is it any reflection on the validity of your dispute.

You may now want to pursue this matter through an alternative resource. To view a list of agencies you may wish to contact for additional assistance, please visit:

Your BBB helps settle many marketplace disputes between consumers and businesses, but please understand that we are not an enforcement agency and we cannot compel a business to settle your complaint in a particular way, nor can we compel them to respond. BBB mediation is a voluntary process requiring the good faith and willing participation of both parties to a dispute.

The firm’s failure to respond to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record. A firm’s rating will be affected by its failure to answer even one complaint. Your experience may, therefore, alert other inquirers seeking information through the BBB.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Betty Briggs

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