Lv Youzhi 吕友芝

Aunt Youzhi (1925-1941) was my grandpa Yeye and his first wife (Yang Yingtao 杨应陶)’s daughter.

In this picture (from Jiujiu’s album), circa 1933, Youzhi was standing, with her step mother my Popo, half brother Jiujiu and half sister my Mom in Popo’s lap.

Youzhi later would contract TB, and was sent to live at 瀛台 Yingtai in Zhongnanhai where Emperor Guangxu was under house arrest per Cixi after the failure of the Reform Movement 戊戌变法 of 1898. Having a TB patient at home around three young children was too dangerous. However, Popo would bring Jiujiu, Mom and Xiaoyi to visit her. Because the pestilence, they could only chat with her through the window and walls. Mostly just calling out her name.

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