Midnight snack 宵夜

Some likes to call it supper or 消夜. In any case, it’s very Hong Kongish, the last or first meal of the day, after dinner. It usually starts after 10pm, last well into the 1 or 2am, the wee hours.  In HK, there are numerious Big Booth 大牌檔 or 大排檔 on a block, with a little canopy, that dotted the island, provide convenience.  The night life loving Hong Kongers just couldn’t live without the midnight snacks.

In Beijing, we call it ye xiao 夜宵 and it’s only happened during the Chinese New Year. I never take to midnight snack, don’t think I’d eaten any while living in Hong Kong. I just couldn’t mount enough energy to eat at that late hours. It’s now and then I’ve gone to eat with group of Hong Kongers after tennis.

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