Barefoot Doc 赤脚医生 .. .. learn to dance


“What shoes do you have on?” The dancing queen Phoebe who’s taken up dancing 3 years ago inquired as soon as I arrived at her table.
“No liking my shoes .. ..?” I know, I know .. but can’t resist teasing her.
“It’s like going to play tennis without the racket.” The DQ hissed at me.
“So you’re saying I’m shoeless?” So my street shoes didn’t please her.

I’m stingy on dance. I’ve started to learned so many times, as early as in Hong Kong, but never took to it. Still a one dance wonder. Just don’t ask me what type of dance it is. DQ is really into it. She takes lessons and watch videos, and go to dance events. Each Oct to Feb is her dancing season.
“I do dance sometimes in the summer, but just after golf I’m so tired ..”
I can imagine.

Her partner Louis is great and tireless.

“Suck in your belly.” Without looking he ordered me like a drill sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley played by Louis Gossett, Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman.

Sorry .. I’m one of these sausages on the floor, not only the cloth was too tight beside no one could tell where’s my boobs, belly, waist and butt are located since they all conminged as a whole. I was born with 30″ waist as Louis with his 15″. 🙂 .. Getting old does have its privileges. Ops, getting old does come with some undesirable qualities. But, being swung on the floor was pretty neat if your partner knows how to lead and I on the other hand, know a step or two. I didn’t wear heels because my right ankle was still, well, tender and we have tennis on Sunday.

Now that I’m old, should start to learn to dance all over again? A good idea? Come on .. don’t be shy ..

It’s King’s jeans .. recessionista, recession-state-of-mind.

Btw, the dance studio is pretty proper attired. Pls don’t follow my bad example by wearing jeans. The guy at the door almost refused to let me in only relent because of the Queen Bee. .. hey DQ, I promised him that you’ll pay double next time 🙂

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