Boobs .. from A to D

It’s amusing China has left A cup and is marching toward D cup in less than 3 decades. I thought Chinese always like the small breasts, that’s the major reason we had wet nurses in the past. Small boobs are no longer making ado. Not only the McDonald and KFC making a comfortable inroad in the Middle Kingdom, the D cup is taking over it too. Man, I’m speechless. Jumping into taxis in Beijing, I was greeted by the commercial on the back of the seats:
挺胸 means be proud of something or yourself. Guess without a boob or two, a woman can not be proud being a woman? Pretty neat commercial.
文胸 .. hmmmmm .. sorry I don’t understand what’s wenxiong mean. Guess I’m not a woman? After googling, I found out wenxiong means bra. A Chinese needs an English tool to find out Chinese new stuff, pretty amazing.
Did Europeans look done on the Americans, their new money, their wild manners? Is China experiencing the same?
Look closer at the models in the ads, they are Caucasians? Aren’t they? Oh ya right, they’re the D cup nations.

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