What Red Ink? Wall Street Paid Hefty Bonuses

What a catchy headline in a down rotten time. No wonder the rest of US is resentful toward New York. We walk faster, talk fast and get things done in record time. And take home record among of bonuses. Do you have problem with that? If you do, which part do you have qualm with? The get-thing-done part or the bonus part? Come to New York and see if the streets are paved with year-end bonuses.

I knew the media is waiting to sensationalize the bonus time. Taxpayers’ money funds the greedy bankers’ wallets. They should also report that many Wall Streeters haven’t seen a raise in years (keeping their salary low looks good on the balance sheet ..) and the bonuses were simply the reflection of their hard work. They are in the office by 7 am if not earlier. They all have at least bachelor’s degree, they work their butt off. If they get fired, they would be escorted off the site immediately and have no union to turn to that pays their health insurance/pension .. If you like this idea, then come to New York and collect your bonus off the street.

You’re mad at the current mess? Look up Alan Greenspan. It’s under his watch, the government/regulatory body that failed to check, not WS. The CEOs are put in place to create wealth for his employees and share holders, regardless on WS or a street in Detroit. And we have government to counter that, making sure they’re in line. By the way, Alan was a Clinton man.

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