Seeing Auntie Sun again

It’s Jiujiu who alerted me about Auntie Sun‘s blog on on 二闲堂 few years ago.

After My Mom’s passing, I didn’t have much contact with any her closest friends (except Auntie Fu), due to the climate of the time – politically and personally. It was either during my house arrest in Kunming in 1977 or perhaps in 1979, Dad mentioned Auntie Sun. Since she was living in Qinghua University, so I contacted her and eventually visited her once. She or Uncle made a wonderful lunch, one of the dishes was 珍珠丸子, pearl meatballs, pork balls coated with 糯米 polished glutinous rice.

As a teenage, I couldn’t recall any memorable conversation. Mom, of course was being mentioned. We exchanged few letters after I left for Hong Kong then lost touch. I supposed I could look her up at Qinghua University if I tried hard enough, or going to a police station but I did neither. Perhaps our time hasn’t arrived: I had my growing pains to deal with while she had a young daughter and career to jingle.

A generation apart and a generation later, we reconnected, seamlessly. The long conversations we had in Beijing made me feeling no time had lost yet regretful at lost time. I’ll write and call often.

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