Dogs, pets and rules

China is full of contradictions.

Two signs posted in a residential building’s elevator in Beijing, one warns No Pets Allowed while the other long rules indicate that yes you can but ..

.. When riding the elevator with your pet, the pet should wear mouth cover or inside of pet bag or hold by the adult owner. Large dogs are not allowed in the elevator. Pets can’t use the elevator during the rush hour. ..

So pet IS allowed?
I’m confused.


One owner in the elevator retorted: what am I suppose to do? I live on the 18th floor!
My Uncle sympathies with the owner, saying the building can NOT forbid the residents from having pets, because its the freedom everyone enjoys.
Says who? Of course the building can. It puts on No Pets Allowed sign .. just they lack will to enforce the rule .. because probably they all know each other and the relationship make them timid to carry out what’s right, or what’s the rule says.

An owner with his dog in Shanghai’s former French Concession

Talking about pets, especially dogs. I found many well groomed dogs unleashed, running freely on the busy streets of Beijing and Shanghai. I chatted with one owner, he said his dog doesn’t need leash because his dog is so well trained and often gets home before he does.

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