Shanghai adventure 斑马线历险记

As we were crossing the Zebra line on the Nanjing Road, toward 来福士广场 Raffles City in Shanghai, cars were jolting to pass us as well. It’s been for a while, the anger was piling up, so I threw the nearly empty Starbucks Mango Passion at the driver who’s following the car that already passed us.
To my surprise, the driver stopped immediately, left his car on the zebra line 斑马线 and came after me. All I remembered was this monster with dark yellow uneven teeth, stood toe to toe and demanding what’s the heck was I doing and what do I want.
What do I want?!?! I want @^%*&
Really, pls give little courtesy to pedestrians.
I want every one has little manner.
Is this too much to ask?
After few seconds of screaming, he left. Without throwing a punch at me.
Pumpkin said softly to me,
“Mom, pls don’t do it again.”
I won’t love. I felt pretty guilty because she was with me and I didn’t consider her safety.

At dinner, I recounted my adventure 斑马线历险记, my girl friends gave little moral support but advised me NOT to ever do it again: you don’t know what the heck the driver is .. anything could happened. They are, of course, right. AND my girl friend reasoned: IF he was crossing in front of you, the driver has a right to be enraged: he’s making the left turn … he much have the light.
SO I was wrong.
Bapo + jerk.
.. It’s just so hard to believe drivers have no qualm to park their car anywhere, on the road, in the middle of the traffic, by the side of the road where no resting shoulders, lingering around toll booths; the list can go on.

On the other hand, is it just because they came from have-not to have-a-little, so they prize their belongs far more dearly? Still, no one touch a sip if they have to drive afterward. Because the police might take their car away. How many people is willing to do that in USA?

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