Looking for Uncle Chen

We had a nice long tea at the Starbucks at the fashionable Xintiandi. Afterward, we just wandered around the area, till we hit the Taipingqiao Lake 太平桥人工湖.

There’s a little police station on 黄陂南路 South Huangpi Road. I went in, explained my reason for visiting them, the front desk clerk waved me in. The inner two rooms have about 8 cops. One guy immediately sat down and began to input the info into the computer.
“Why are you looking for him? There might be many guys with the same name!” The Younger one warned me.
“Oh, he’s and my Mom used to work together ..” I repeated.
I provided the little info I had: Nankai, bio, Zoology Institute.
An older cop was smoking across the desk. They chatted briefly in Shanghainess.
“How old is he?” The Younger one asked me.
“Over 70?” I wasn’t sure, only guessing.
“Put in 68 .. there shouldn’t be many .. ” The older one suggested.
Few minutes later, the younger cop picked up the phone and called: “This Xintiandi police station, we have a female comrade looking 陈 .. ” then he handed me the receiver.
“Uncle Chen,” I said.
A female voice came over, “I’m not. Who are you?”
“I’m his former colleague’s daughter, and would like to speak with him.”
She then put Chen on the line.
“Hi Uncle Chen. Auntie Sun suggested that you might be in Shanghai and if it’s possible, I’d like to speak with you, about my Mom.”
“Oh .. I don’t really know your Mom because she was incarcerated and no one was allowed to talk to her .. ”
Never mind that he knew my Mom prior to the Cultural Revolution..
Never mind he pursue my Mom’s sister Xiaoyi..
“Would you like to have Auntie Sun’s phone number?” I asked hopefully.
Maybe he just wanted to put the past behind. Maybe he’s caught off guard by the call from the cop. In any case, I left the efficient police station disappointed.
Sorry Uncle Chen for the disruption.

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  1. Auntie Sun says:

    I’m sorry for your disapointment because of searching Chen. He was my
    brother’s classmate in Nankai University and never communicate with me, so it’s hardly for him to remind me.

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