Georgetown game in China ends in bench-clearing brawl

Georgetown coach John Thompson III pulled the Hoyas off the court in Beijing on Thursday after a bench-clearing brawl erupted during the fourth quarter of an exhibition game against the Bayi Rockets.

Pictures from The Washington Post’s reporter on the scene showed players from both teams going toe-to-toe, throwing punches and pushing and shoving, with coaches trying to break up scuffles all over the court.

Wow .. what’s going on? An overly physical game from the get go. From this video, it’s a black t-shirt player was on the floor and sea of white shirt players were attacking .. pretty ugly!

Anything to do with the current hot topic in China .. if the ugly cheating Americans will pay? .. No one ever forced anyone to but the t-bill .. and if the t-bill wasn’t or isn’t the best vehicle, would anyone have purchased it? Wise up people, only tax and death is guaranteed.

The market is in tunoil, the big front runner US of A is being down graded. An up and coming guy sees an opening .. do those sentiments play any roll in the brawl?

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