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Taking studio photos in Beijing/Shanghai perhaps has passed its prime but Pumpkin wanted it. So without asking around, we signed up with one. It’s in July, I’d think the studios aren’t too busy, guess I was wrong: usually a week to 2 of waiting time. So when this one offered to take it on the same day, we inked the deal. Their sales office is in Xidan and the studio isn’t in the countryside but DongDan. So it wasn’t too bad. The cost is 999 RMB per person, that included 4 settings; and we understood there will be additional charges at the studio, like make up sponge and stabilizer. When I pay for the ¥1,998, the clerk charged my card, without any qualm, ¥2,000. Maybe her math was bit off.
The studio has a nice and clean feel.
“大美女, 小美女 please follow me” big beautiful woman and little beautiful woman.
We were immediately taken to the make up table. Before starting, they told me that we need to buy make-up-stabilizer. They opened the box and flipped four vials.
“For ¥120?”
“No, ¥120 each.” The girls said in unison.
I need to pay ¥480 to make the make up stay?
“Yes, you need them. Because the shooting is long and the make up is not likely to stay that long.”
Either I’m the dumber or their make up skill is poor.
“No, I don’t need them.” I refused.
The girls began telling me how lousy my skin is ..
“Aren’t you calling me big beautiful woman?”
They weren’t charmed. They caked our faces and glued our hairs. In the process, the make up artist shaved off half of my left eyebrows.
I thought they’d love Pumpkin’s silky hair .. would use fan .. guess not. The photographer was a young man who demanded ‘SMILE’ at every shutter: rigid and stiff. There wasn’t much of me or I, it’s purely he and him.
The studio provides limited, old and dirty costumes. At each setting, I really didn’t feel like wear any of them. When I saw there are few nicer looking gowns, I was told, those outfits cost ¥1,200 – 4,000+ per wear. After 4 hours of 卖笑, errrh .. the photo shoot, we went to the bath house Morley Holy Club.
During the shooting, according to the contract, they changed our hair four times with 4 outfits. Since there aren’t any decent outfit, I ended up with a red gown that looked like a 鸨母 – madam.
A week later, we went to pick out our photos for production: making into albums, crystal frames, etc. I complained about my eyebrow. They first told me that the manager wasn’t on duty. When I insisted, the manager showed up.
She’s about 30-40, with calm manner and an easy smile. She handled me skillfully, apologized for the shave and offered to give me 5 more photos to add to the album “to make me feel balanced.” We already done our picking, so she offered to pick for me. I didn’t really care since there weren’t many good shots anyway.
After much delay, we picked up our CD, the major productions would have to wait for another month.
Looking at their example albums, everyone would have English text and most English text has mistakes. Educated me here, why do they bother to use English to begin with???

More pix in the gallery.

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