Kiddie talk

14 years old kids talk about reality:
They think that Obama would not have been elected if he weren’t black ..
They think that Hispanic/black has higher chance of getting into an Ivy ..

I think they’re right. The reality and common sentiment count as much as the formal education. I personally don’t find The Obamas are superior or gifted than the gifted out there. But hey, kids, it’s life, tough love. Get over it and get on. Don’t be a complainer when you can be the go-getter.

Before the kids, once I joked to Golfer that I’d change my children’s last name to Fernández or Gonzales and move to Idaho, so they’ll stand better chance to get into an Ivy .. so Golfer took out the movie Soul Man starring C. Thomas Howell and Rae Dawn Chong. I enjoyed it and had good laughs. But the part I didn’t know at time was that the movie caused a big stir up among the African-American community because throughout most of the film C. Thomas Howell is in blackface make up. It’s widely believed this has ended C. Thomas Howell’s career.

Where is the fairness and justification in ending an actor’s career just because he portrait a part that some groups deem offensive? Isn’t America a free country?

We can safely stereotype a race or country, like we Chinese all love .. ok Irene gives Chinese a bad name, so please look over me .. seriously, what’s wrong with stating the fact or common sentiment? But if you’re not wise enough to know when it comes to an individual, you just have to deal with him/her individually, then you’ve got a lot of learning to do.

Andy Rooney talked about high AIDs rate among blacks on 60 Minutes and had to endure his program being suspended years ago. Why punished the messenger? He merely stated the stat, the fact.

Again, there are bad apples in any race and any country.

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