The Peking Opera 京剧

Few weeks ago when I was mapping out some entertainment in Beijing, I had a conflict: Xiaoyi Fu got us three tickets at Poly Theatre 保利剧院 for 京剧名家大型演唱会 (celebrating the 90th birth of Party 建党), and I was debating for a run of mill concert at the CHNCPA National Center for Performing Arts 国家大剧院. Luckily I consulted Pumpkin who firmly opted for the Peking Opera.
Ear piercing is the word when I think of Peking Opera. Obviously, I have little love for it.

The Poly Theatre is cozy and comfortable place. No play bills were available but the programme was enjoyable. Although I don’t know any of the famous performers on the stage but their repertoire were well known, to me and the audience – the audience would hum along; not often but they did hum. They also often gave an enthusiastic clap during the performance, which is hard to image if it were Mozart or Beethoven. The differences between the east and the west. I almost could see the old timers sitting with their tea pots and munching on the sunflower seeds like a bird.

Sha Jia Bang’s Diao Deyi 刁德一 and 阿庆嫂 Mrs. Aqing was my favored.

Pumpkin enjoyed the opening act but felt asleep during the later part. We eventually left early. I didn’t want to but she’s had enough.

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