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This is me [in the black/white photo] when I was 100 days old. I was born in Beijing but lived in Tien jin all my life. Wynne and I share our birthday in Chinese calendar which is the first month and 15th day, the day to celebrate ‘lantern festival’. So when we celebrated his 100 days old, i was 100 days old 75 years ago. What a coincidance! 🙂

Elaine‘s grandson Wynne’s red egg party. The hat Wynne wears belongs to Elaine’s father who wore when he turned 100 days old in China. Apparently Elaine has both hats that her parents wore at their 100th Day! She keeps them in the safe.
Baby Wynne is the newest addition to my big family (that I know of ..) born on Feb 17, 2011. Welcome dude.

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