Viagra, the little blue pill that can ..

This Times article brings back memory.
A friend gave a big bash for her husband who’s turning 40 right before the blue pill came to the market. One of their friends worked at Pfizer and brought few as birthday gift. After the pianist serenaded, the belly dancer entertained .. and then it’s the time for the blue pills. The anticipation of the Viagra was high in general leading up to the approval by the FDA as well as in that home that night. Reportedly the house came to a boil once the pills were dispensed. Few hubbies immediately took the pills, and grabbed their wives and left. Few were debating when to take and one husband who took the pill acted like an ant on a hot frying pan, asking
“What should I do .. my wife is having her period .. ”
Just to thinking about those 40-50 years old men acting like kindergartener makes one laugh. Sex is that powerful, or this blue little pill powerful?

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