Kynikos Associates

Jim Chanos‘s hedge fund Kynikos is doing really well lately. Yes, short selling has never been easy. He might have had the right hunch and start shorting a decent company in distress. But there are always too many investors who’re willing to back it. So ended up, he’s on the losing side of the game.

It’s human nature to hang on .. .. how many have voted for McCain? What do his supporters say about President Obama?
“We’ll see how the boy’ll for us/country.”

This huge financial fiasco has destroyed many. But there are winners, if you don’t call them unlikely ones.

Citadel had been doing so well since Kenneth Griffin’s Harvard dorm days. Not long ago, he loudly expressed his desire to be the next Goldman Sach, now is losing 60% ..

Think of it as wealth re-distribution.

No worries ..

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