Now Hip-Hop, Too, Is Made in China

Is that so? Few years ago, a friend asked me if I’d like to go to a rock n roll concert in the city, by a Chinese rocker Cao or so .. don’t remember his name. Actually I never know his name. My thinking was that I don’t like rock n roll for start. Secondly, why would anyone with sane mind go to see a Chinese rocker back then in the land where the rock n roll was invented? I have a narrow mind, don’t I?

Although RR was invented in the US, but it’s the Europeans who refined it. They wrote the most lasting songs and music. The Americans or its culture seems to me very 2 seconds of fame orientated, sugary, seeking that instant gratification .. .. like the Idol show or the Banks’ model show that never produced a single woman who had succeeded. I wish these reality shows would go away .. Americans are NOW people that’s for sure.

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