Our school budget ..

Why do I need to vote? Doesn’t the school budget always pass?

Less than 20% of our schools’ parents participate in the budget vote. While this year’s budget increase is very modest, at 1.99%, YOUR VOTE REMAINS CRITICAL to its passage.

What could happen if the budget does not pass?

A failed budget would cause great strain in the way our schools are run, and risk losing many of the services that we currently take for granted, including:

  • Electives, music and art, advanced classes, foreign language options and more, may be reduced.
  • Sports programs may be cut, and, at a minimum, all equipment purchases would be suspended.
  • Late buses would be eliminated.
  • The Summer Recreation Program would either be eliminated or the fees would be sharply increased from loss of all subsidies, including need-based programs.
  • Home prices would drop significantly as buyers avoid communities with budgetary impasse.

General Fund Appropriation $193,324,596
Amount Raised by Real Property Tax $182,231,882
State Aid $6,574,023

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