Trattoria Trecolori


We couldn’t get a table at Carmine’s so we tried Trattoria Trecolori, which is a great alternative. I really enjoyed the place, down to earth, and food/service is excellent. The waiter Mark Johnson made my children laugh. I like their not too young and male waiting staff.

Tiramisu is said to be very, very delicious. But .. .. no, I didn’t try, too full from food and wine. We had Borsao‘s Crianza with varieties of 60% Garnacha, 20% Tempranillo, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Wonderful, full body with a mean kick, refreshing. Call Gotham Liquors if you can’t find at your local store.

Not sure any one has noticed that more and more resturants in the city are manned by Hispanics, which is great, they’re moving up from the busboys .. etc. Hard working should pay off.

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