Yeye’s funeral

After Yeye passed away in the hospital that afternoon, Nainai checked out immediately. It’s bit weird because Yeye insisted to check in to the hospital to keep her company.

It’s all blurry to me by now to think back of the whole event. Jiujiu rent a coach taking us to the funeral. For some reason, the bus just sat there by Canzheng Hutong for hours, delaying for about 3 hours. As we were getting restless, Quanzhan came. She would have missed the boat bus completely had the bus left somewhat on time.

There was talks after the funeral at Canzheng Hutong, that I should not disclose the fact to grandaunt Lucy and Lily.
.They (Jiujiu and Nainai) worried that the sisters could not bear the news well. My thinking at the time, it was all about the money. Jiujiu worried if the sisters stopped sending, he and Xiaoyi would have to step in. Nainai worried, well ..
I wrote anyway and sent the photos.
Lily’s husband snapped that his wife had supported her bother for all those years, now must she continue to for his concubine? Lucy supported Nainai till the end by herself because she felt Nainai took great care of Yeye and deserved to be taken care of
“My brother would not have lived this long without her [Nainai] ..”
Nainai certainly took great care of Yeye.

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