The petty Chinese

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. I thought of the black tie party we used to have with the town next to us, celebrating Chinese New Year together.

It started in 1997. Around end of Jan or early Feb is the slow season for parties except the Chinese New Year. So we figured it’s a great time and concept for a high end affair setting us apart from other celebrations all over Chinatown or Flushing; besides it’s easier to fundraising. Each year we’d have about 120 people. I think the first year cost only $80 or $100 with a cash bar. I snapped up two tables because whoever bought early got ringside seating. We rotated at few top-notch catering houses on Long Island. The party soon became popular and talk of town, not just for people who really like to dress up but also we were able to attract fading stars and politicians like the County Executive and Lieutenant Governor .. who covet our votes. It was a win win situation.
.. ..
But soon the pettiness got in. I’m a firm believer that the skipper of this kind of association should be someone with far reach influence who could underwrite the association’s activities when fund raising come up short. Think Brooke Astor for NY Library, Jackie O for Grand Central or Isaac Stern for Carnegie Hall.. .. and the committee he or she assembled would do the dirty work.

When would the Chinese put aside the differences, have vision and unit?

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