The inauguration

The best part of the inauguration is the music arranged by John William (or composed? didn’t catch it .. sorry for my poor English ..) and played by Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, .. so cold how could the instruments function correctly and their fingers? Apparently they do and sounding marvelous. Doesn’t Chief Justice John Roberts looking great? Well, so does the new president, the half white .. we’ll see what the boy can do for this country. I like his calm demeanor and intelligence.

I heard the market tanked. One of the reasons if not the reason was the Royal Bank of Scotland needed UK gov’s bailout. Hmmmm .. .. bailout has become the new in word, It Girl, and every nation on the planet has been dishing it out in a record time, faster than Michael Phelps’ 100 meter mad dash.

Citi is cutting its dividend from 3¢ to 1¢. How funny, as if anyone cared. What do you expect a dollar stock could pay? Oh well, does anyone still know the word? In case you forget, here is the definition of dividend:

A share of a company’s net profits distributed by the company to a class of its stockholders. The dividend is paid in a fixed amount for each share of stock held. Although most companies make quarterly payments in cash (checks), dividends also may be in the form of property, scrip, or stock. Unlike interest on a debt, dividends must be voted on by the company’s directors before each payment.

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