The Niu Year Party ..

I took this one for the Renda team, went to the high school party – the elite Chinese universities – last Saturday. It was some experience.
Rows of chairs were on either end of the rectangle room. People began to arrive since 7pm, the stated starting time. Since there was neither food nor drink, so everyone just sat quietly till 8:20 or so. It was so unbelievable; people just sat there for more than an hour. I joked
“Are we expecting Premier Wen to make a cameo appearance or what?” For pete’s sake, it’s a party after all, wasn’t it?
Was it a delay or just they decided to leave the first 80 minutes for meditation or hibernation, could have filled it with social dance?
The producer bought me a drink, thanks. The three bar tenders did not have much to do. The majority of the partygoers would not pay for a drink that cost quarter of the ticket: the $10 to $12 drink is slightly below average in the city. But when the ticket cost $50 .. ..


This time, they hired third party to manned the gate to prevent the Wedding Crashers that were rampant at last year. We had to wear the wrist band.

The two girls in charge worked very hard, and were pleasure to work with.
The ladies bathroom was like a back stage dressing room: make ups, changing cloths/shoes .. was unreal. Not for the performers but for the partygoers. I’ve never seen anything like that.
Dance started at about 10 or 10:30pm after the performance. Not many could actually dance. For the price, it attracted students whom I doubt knew much about ballroom dance – require lessons.
Girls out number the boys by a large margin. Most have to dance with their handbags.
The organizers should really think hard next time, as what kind of crowd they expected and what do they really want to accomplish. The idea of elite Chinese universities’ associations come together is a great idea, and I fully expected something substantial and prestigious. Plan it right, in couple of years, it should be able to attract senators or junior senators and dignitaries from both countries to attend. But at the current rate, sadly to say, is not likely. Is this all you can do?! Why set the bar so low?

I decked out in a little blue jacket I bought from Rui fu xiang, 瑞蚨祥 the famed Beijing qi pao tailor, and paired it with jeans, King’s hand me up – it’s rescession, let’s not forget :).

Ok, that’s a joke, but really, I didn’t feel like putting on anything dressy to a high school party that neither had prestige nor a good time, and not willing to pay $40 parking for a mere $50 party. Was it all they could do, the best universities from China? My summer BBQs raised more money for the respective associations, and the invitees had great time. All accomplished by myself without meetings and sponsors.
Phoebe went last year, and she said it was the most boring party she’s ever attended and there wasn’t anyone who knew how to dance properly. I second that in a second.
“Great event” e-mails praising the party filled my in box. I’m not sure these senders are really just FOBs. Many had worked hard for it, but the party scarcely broke even. I didn’t think they were out to make a profit. But often times, these were kind of occasions for the fund raising. Have I been giving China more credits than it actually deserves? In all honesty, I felt very cheerless and time wasted. Will someone enlighten me please?

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