New York, Noo Yawk

After Splash, Nerves, Heroics and Comedy. US Airways Flight 1549 captives us for couple of days. Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III is the hero, and the Dad seemed less charitable.

It’s bewildering to know that we sent men to the moon, but couldn’t prevent such disaster .. birds downed a jet liner, it’s not like missiles from Russia with love. Couldn’t the engineers use some screens – like we have on our windows that’ll give you some clue – or fishnet that type of thing, in different materials to protect the engines?!?!

Is it just me or it’s the fact that Noo Yawkers or people in New York behave better? Couldn’t help to think of LA’s Rodney King verdict riot, Katrina in New Orleans riot.. .. In 2003 when New York lost power, there wasn’t a tad of unrest, and people offered passer bys beer/water from their coolers. .. While many might consider NY is all about money. Want to know and understand NY? Come to see it, experience it. You’ll love it.

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