Bordeaux in Beijing

Miyun 密云县, Thick Cloud is a county locates in the Northeast of Beijing. Used to be a faraway place for us, when Zhongguancun Blvd still was a two-lane roadway. Now, Thick Cloud is just an hour dash from the heart of Beijing, and it’s dotted with wineries.
This picture to the right was taken in 2007. Everyday, the Chateau Changyu AFIP Global would entertain 600 labors trying desperately to finish it prior to the 2008 Olympics. One day, a truck load of wine was dropped off by mistake. The much prized Bordeaux wine from St. Emilion, sat under the burning summer sun (to the right on the picture). The French sommelier was mortified. … Maybe it’s ok since the consumers probably couldn’t tell the few hours of tanning?


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