A County in China Sees Its Fortunes in Tea Leaves Until a Bubble Bursts

An interesting read.

I have some Pu’er Tea from Yunnan, given to me by friends. I’m a tea drinker. Before my children started attending weekend Chinese school, I had few friends from China. Since I don’t visit China often, so I ended up buy teas. Once I ran into a collegeue in a store who, incredulously asked:

“What? You actually BUY tea?”
Yes, my dear friend, I pay for my teas.

“No, please wait. I can give you some. I’ll bring it next Monday.”

It turned out, as with most Chinese, he had a lot at home, all gifts from his friends. Now, I do have few too, at home. From friends came back from China. And one from my last visit to China.

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