Mom’s 唐诗三百首

This paperback book, Three Hundred Tang Poems belonged to my Mom. Like her mother, my Popo, they loved literature, poetry in particular. This is few items that I have of her. Actually Jiujiu gave it to me in 2003 – thank you so much 舅舅!
Mom purchased it on March 4, 1958 at 汤岗子1 during one of her many medical retreats/recuperations. Tanggangzi was a spring sanatorium in Shenyang.
Publisher: 文学古籍刊行社 (Beijing, 东四 头条胡同四号)
Distributor: 新华书店
First edition: July 1956 (240,000 copies)
6th edition: Nov 1957 (302,000 copies)
Cost: 0.70 元
Three Hundred Tang Poems, is an anthology of 300 poems selected from Tang Dynasty, compiled by Sun Zhu 孙誅 (also known as Hengtang Tuishi 衡塘退士) , the Qing scholar. This collections of poems is an absolute literary passage for every Chinese kid, regardless which publisher and edition, which it has many.
We learn it, recite it, memorize it. We quote one or two verses from it often, later in life.

1 汤岗子那是一个疗养院是动物所送她去疗养的地方,在东北沈阳附近是温泉疗养院,在那里她认识的姜玉杰的。

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