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Sending flowers in other country: in the Internet age, it should be easy. Somewhat.

I first tried Flora 2000. It has a New York number with a live operator who answer my call on the second ring, with the Indian accent. I loved this arrangement. But thanks lord I called. The vase measures 4″ x 4″. Bit too small. Let’s try another shop.

The 2nd, Germany Flower Shop. The site looks messy. But I just wanted to get this thing done so I chose a arrangement, filled all the info, then clicked Go for payment button at the bottom. I breathed a relief. Finally. It’s done. Ha. The next screen told me there wasn’t an amount. The only way to get out of that screen is to click Cancel. I repeated the above all over. There was an amount to begin with. The same thing happened again when I clicked Go for payment. Perhaps I should take notice of their front page – it’s very messy and buggie!

The Flora Queen is my 3rd try. They don’t have the best sounding name (according to my taste any way) but the site is clean, and easy to use. They have offices (?) in six countries. Once I checked out, I received a confirmation within few minutes, with a link/password to the new account. 12 minutes later, they sent another one,

We are happy to confirm that your order Nr 2920xxx, will be delivered on time

I’m satisfied with this Queen so far. The deliver charges are all around $10: 1/3 cheaper than in USA!

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