Arthur Probsthain

Renate referred me to this book seller, a friend of hers. We exchanged few emails and I wowed to visit.
The store has a long history:

Arthur Probsthain started to work at the publisher Otto Harrassowitz in Germany at the age of 21. Harraossowitz is a very well known publisher of academic books, including a large collection of books on the Orient. After 4 years he went to France and worked with the publisher Geuthner where he widened his knowledge and experience in the publishing field.

In 1902 he moved to London and decided to open a bookshop, which is where the story of Arthur Probsthain Bookseller & Publisher began.

There is an old saying about family businesses: the first generation builds them, the second generation enjoys them, the third generation destroys them. It seems to be carrying on quite well, beyond 3 generations.

Unfortunately, after the visit at the British Museum, just across the street, I missed its closing time, perhaps by only a few seconds. Oh well… next time. Dying to try its Tea and Tattle in the basement, a former afternoon tea.

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