Yucai Middle School 育才中学

Yùcái Education is a famous secondary school now in Chongqing.

In 1939, the school was established by educationalist Tao Xingzhi in Beipei, just outside Chongqing, the wartime capital. A leader of one of the two CCP cells at Tao’s school recalled that Tao and his patron, Feng Yuxiang gave help to party workers when they were hunted by the secret police, and that Tao professed interest in Mao’s “On New Democracy.” Tao received monthly stipends from Feng and Zhang Zhizong, both fellow Anhui natives.

It was used to test Tao’s theories on comprehensive education, and included six groups: natural science, social studies, literature, painting, music, and drama. Because of its success, many other Chinese schools use the name “Yucai”.

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