Nainai’s doctrine

Nainai was illiterate. But that didn’t give her any pause for being opinionated and, it certain did not refrain her from setting rules and enforcing it.

  1. Greeting people whenever ..
  2. Being docile whatever ..
  3. Never reach for food on the table
  4. Never ask for food on the table
  5. Don’t rest your arms on the table
  6. Don’t chomp
  7. Don’t slurp
  8. Don’t talk while you mouth’s full
  9. Don’t drag your feet
  10. Don’t show your gum when smile
  11. Never lend on the chair even it has a back for you to lean on, sit up right
  12. Don’t cut into adults’ conversation

When I grew to a certain age, did I realize, for example, her smile without showing gum sometimes was impossible because some people were born with shorter upper lips. When I inquired about it, she only gave me a long and meant stare. Nainai didn’t like to be challenged.
Talking about gum, for those who show then regularly, would you please take good care of them, making sure they’re pork pink not beef red?!

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