Chad Pennington vs Brett Favre

Chad Pennington is going to play Brett Favre who replaced him with Jets. Whoever wins today’s game will be in the playoff – how ironic. You bet I’ll root for Chad. Jets grabbed Favre and dumped Pennington in a heart beat right before the opening day. Miami’s Bill Parcell picked Chat up right away. I view this as one of many unpredictable yet wildly romantic life stories that happens from time to time, in one’s life time. Many commentators voted Chad as one of the gentlemen in NFL doesn’t hurt. Guess you don’t have to win ugly.

Giants is playing a meaningless game at the moment .. oh well .. at Minnesota against first place team Vikings. The backup QB Carr just scored a TD – touch down. Would it be embarrassing if the benchwarmers [of the little Giants] win the game? They are just so good.

It’s an indoor stadium with artificial turf. Looks so tacky. Why can’t they use real grass? – there are grass that grow in shade .. What do I know .. I can’t keep my green friends alive for too long 🙁

P.S. Chad won 24:17, ha. Beating his old team in the old home town.

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