Each Christmas difffers from the last

Each year’s Christmas differs from the previous’, a little calmer with less and less gifts warpped under the tree.

Not sure about other kids, but mine are very jaded from the day one. Perhaps too much sleeping pills I fed them 🙂 They never sneaked out on 12/24 to check out the gifts – Golfer said he did with his sisters and one year even knocked down the tree. We watched 2000 video today, the kids were excited in opening the gifts, endless, we used to spend few hours opening them. But they were too old now. No need for that many gifts. Just few.
In video:
I teased them that Dad sneaked in last night throu the cheminey. Pumpkin replied,
“No, that’s our house ..” ..
Spashing water at the bathtub..
Kids wandering down, “still watching the video?”
King loves to check everything out ..
Pumpkin smiles so so much .. even when she cries..
They never made a sence at toy store ..

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