Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah .. .. Happy whatever you’re celebrating .. Pls toast it with this incredible Croatian wine, Bibich Mantra 2005, with Grenache grapes: lively and smooth. The guy who sold us this wine wasn’t at the last wine tasting. Few my neighbors bought it too.

We had it with hot pot, a dinner we have on weekly basis. Sorry for being lazy 🙂 but Golfer loves it .. .. .. my kids got a raw deal with me, so does Golfer .. Kids aren’t crazy about hot pot. Pumpkin loves the shrimps .. but they’d better be alive, for she won’t touch the dead ones.

We tried some bitter melon today and .. .. it was pretty good. We have the hot pot week in and week out, I’m at my wit end to have something new and fresh to eat each time.
One of my favored items is taro. The first time I saw it being served at a hot pot dinner, I was thinking .. are you kidding me, taro? But the hostess insisted that I should try. I tried. .. couldn’t part with it ever since. I normally buy the fresh one rather than the pre-cut frozen. It just tastes better. Oh well, fresh vs frozen, there you go.

This morning, Pumpkin made dumplings while King played his Beethoven’s sonata .. a great start to a wonderful Christmas ..

Love to all ..

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