The riots in China


The Riots in China – Interesting Story Told in a Letter from a Missionary

A letter received by the Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society from the Rev. John Walley, in charge of the mission at Wuhu, China, gives one interesting details concerning the recent lot at that place. He says, under date of May 19:
For the past week we have been in a state of great excitement on account of a serious riot against the Roman catholic mission. It started a little over a week ago against two Chinese nuns who were going about the streets anointing children with holy water. This aroused the suspicions of the people, who congregated in great numbers and began to abuse the two nuns and finally took them to the police office. The officer in charge became frightened at so large a crowd and sent the women to the Hsien Yaman, from whence they were returned to the Roman Catholic mission. This proceeding did please the people, and the Ko Lao Hwin, a secret society, posted placards inciting the people to rise and destroy the Catholic Mission.
“The attack was made the following day, and when Mr. Walley, attracted by the tumult, arrived on the spot he found the mob pulling down the walls. The mob was composed of ruffians of the lowest class, but was led by men in respectable dress, who carried little flags and directed the operations. Their cry was that the priests had murdered children and taken out their eyes and hearts. The priests and other inmates of the mission had already fled, and the mob vented its fury in opening some graves of priests who had died a few months before. The coffins were broken open in the expectation of find money, and, being disappointed, they scattered the bodies and grave clothes about the grounds.
“After searching some vaults, in the vain hope of finding the bodies of Chinese children, they ransacked the buildings, smashing and throwing out of the windows everything that they did not want. The furniture was broken up, place in piles, covered with kerosene oil, and set on fire. A posse of soldiers arrived on the scene and opened fire on the mob, but the riot continued all night, and Mr. Walley and his fellow-missionaries and their families remained up and dressed in dear of an attack.
“About 8 A.M.,” writes Mr. Walley, ‘the English Consul called us all to assemble on one of the hulks for protection. Messrs. Molland and ..


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