The graduation party

King has his graduation dinner-dance party tonight at the catering hall Leonard.  The janitor played the DJ … so no Backstreet boys or Spears, :). 
“Oh, that’s nice way of using talent.” Lee commented as she’s giving the lesson. 

When I dropped him off with his buddy. Three girls came out of a SUV right in front of us.
Irene being FOB. I moaned softly.
“Oh heaven, can’t you find something decent to wear?” 
To be polite, their outfits looked like slinky PJs, but the truth is more toward slutty territory. 
Pumpkin would have her party next year this time, probably at Leonard too. 
“Don’t worry Mom, I won’t dress like that.”
Oh lord, she reads my mind.
I put my arm around her.
“Mom .. drive..”
We laughed.
She looked at me, said, “I don’t think you’ll let me leave the house with that type of outfit.” 
She’s right.  I don’t regulate my kids as what they can or can’t wear/do.  But they seem to be getting it right so far. 
When King came home, Pumpkin asked him how’s party.
“Was good.”  Was the reply.
“Did you dance?” 
“How’s food?”
Pumpkin looked at him.
“It’s cafeteria-ly good or restaurant-ly good?” 
He replied, “you woman” and walked away.

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