To Lipari

Irene Eng

Mr. Saul Lipari
8 Horseshoe Lane
Great Neck, NY 11020


Dear Mr. Lipari,

It was nice talking to you before the holidays and I hope that you had a nice one. I am very proud of my heritage and have spent the last four years researching it. I have attached a short article that I wrote, and hope it will provide you with a scope of my interests. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken my children to see China: Dawn of a Golden Age. They always enjoy the Met. The very first time we took them was during Splendors of Imperial China in 1996, where they earned the ire of the museum guards, for they were only 2 and 3.
Here are a few questions that I have for you in reference to the letter-incident of 2003:

  1. Did the incident affect the timing of your actual retirement, i.e. push it up or postponed it?
  2. Why do you think the Asian community got so upset over the article?
  3. Was it obvious to you that she wasn’t targeting China, but only using it as an example to express her opinion?
  4. Do you think the Asian community has been so inflamed if she had used Greece as an example instead?
  5. Do you think the matter was blown out of proportion?
  6. To your knowledge, was any Asian student ever ridiculed in the cafeteria due to the article?
  7. If you feel that If You Move To America You Need To Be An American was inappropriate, what is your view of the article on the same page that suggested America Should Be Bilingual?
  8. Was Colette Lelchuk ever ridiculed for suggesting that America Should Be Bilingual?
  9. Would the furor have abated if Dr. Shine did not profusely apologize and promise to publish a former letter?
  10. How would school have handled the incident differently?
  11. Were those two articles picked to be published by the social studies teacher, or did the student-editors decide to publish it on their own?
  12. Specifically, what points in If You Move To America You Need To Be An American do you feel were inappropriate and why?

Thank you very much for your time and assistant. I am looking forward to your reply.

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